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What is an EHIC? It is an acronym for European Health Insurance Card. This card is available to all UK residents and allows travelers to receive treatment from public health care facilities in all European Economic Area countries in a similar manner as a resident of the country visited. When traveling to another country, you may suddenly fall ill and visit a health care facility. You may be surprised by very expensive charges for minor medical treatment. However, it does not have to be like this, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) may allow you to access discounted or free medical treatment within Europe. Learn more about ehic cards, go here. 


The EHIC allows you to access subsidized or free healthcare in many EU member states in case you fall ill or have an accident while visiting different countries in Europe. However, the EHIC only covers you if your card is in date. Do not make the mistake many Britons make, remember to renew your EHIC when it expires. If you are planning on travel to Europe in the next few months, it is wise to keep your EHIC updated. Many people often overlook the importance of renewing the card when they are planning a trip.  Find out for further details on ehic application form right here. 


Note that your European Health Insurance Card does not replace your travel insurance. Ensure you take out a travel cover that will provide cover for the duration of your stay overseas. Most travel insurers require that the travelers have valid EHIC card to take out their cover. If you do not have a valid EHIC card when you travel, your travel insurance policy may be as good as useless. In case your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is out of date, and you are not able to renew it before you travel, look for travel insurance that can cover you even without EHIC. 


So how do you renew your EHIC? Completing the renewal process is simple; you just need to provide your full name, UK address, date of birth, and your personal identification number. Your personal identification number is on your old card, printed right next to your birth date. Another way is applying using the National Insurance or NHS number for individuals in England and Wales. The (CHI) number for Scotland residents and Health and Care number for Northern Ireland residents. It will take close to ten working days for the renewed card to be delivered to you. So make sure that you apply on time when planning a trip abroad. Take a look at this link for more information.